About Monica

Despite the fact that at the age of three, Monica Duddington had two imaginary friends who were motorcycle-riding men from Santa Monica who lived part time in a utility shed at a reservoir, her parents never got her into therapy. Today, many years later, any imaginary friends who might pop up get to have their day as characters in her novels. Monica writes paranormal, historical, and contemporary young adult novels.

Monica is quick to admit that she has a serious reading addiction—an addiction she likes to foster. She can’t live without her husband and family, chocolate, tea, red wine and, of course, stacks of books.

Though she grew up in the beach towns of Southern California, home is Oregon, and has been all her adult life. She loves the mountains, trees, beaches, and wine country of the Pacific Northwest, and even the rain, since it encourages people to curl up with a good book. 
In addition to writing young adult fiction, Monica also writes mysteries and paranormal romances under the name Monica Knightley. 

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